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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Lawyers behaving badly?

It's funny what the introduction of money can do to a friendship, isn't it?

A case in point is a Alderson v. Homolka, an unpublished Court of Appeals decision released today involving a fee dispute between two lawyers who were once friends. The fee at issue was generated from a $3.4 million personal injury settlement, which, as you can imagine, might put any friendship to the test.

The two lawyers -- Roger C. Alderson and Daniel M. Homolka -- were solos who sometimes worked together. Alderson, who mostly did workers' comp, helped Homolka,who did a lot of personal-injury work, land the lucrative case. He also performed some of the grunt work, but was not named in the fee ageement. Homolka argued that Alderson's work was worthless to the case and he wasn't entitled to anything.

The trial court judge disagreed, awarding Alderson $100K on his quantum meruit claim. The Court of Appeals affirmed.

File this one under "Ex-Friends With Money."

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