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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Swanson, union in 'ugly' tussle

From the Associated Press (as reported on the Star Tribune website):

Minnesota's largest state employee union acknowledged Thursday it is attempting to organize lawyers within Attorney General Lori Swanson's office, and the process has apparently turned ugly.

Swanson, a first-term Democrat, accused leaders of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 5 of threatening to launch a campaign to "demean or disparage" the office if she didn't allow them to proceed.

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Hmm. I guess this confirms some of the ruminations we have heard coming out of that office. One of our reporters, Dan Heilman, had been looking into the departure issue since early April and recently has been waiting for an answer on a Data Practices Act request to give us a list of the departed attorneys and staff.


Eileen McNiff said...

I would like to comment about the recent negative blogs regarding this Office. In my almost 9 years in the Office I have always been treated fairly, respectfully and professionally. I am impressed by the work ethic and dedication of both former Attorney General Mike Hatch and Lori Swanson. I have always been proud of the work this Office has done and grateful to be a part of it.

Jackie Baker said...

This is my 1st blog. I feel a strong need to write this as I attended the news conference for Senior Citizens yesterday in Attorney General Swanson's Office. The intent of the news conference was to make Senior Citizens and the public aware of the scam being done to our Senior Citizens by insurance companies. This was a positive idea and something to be proud of. AG Swanson has shown just how much she cares about the people of Minnesota. She fights for Seniors rights and concerns. As a side bar she was asked by the press about an internal issue on a possible union being considered by lawyers in the AG's office. AG Swanson commented that if that is what they wanted to do they had the right to look into the idea. I ask, why did that story get the front page news rather than the story on the Senior issue? The press conference was on the Seniors who had been tricked out of their savings. Why do we use the negatives rather than the positives. I can only tell you that AG Swanson has only the best intentions when it comes to all Minnesotans.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't this be a RICO violation -- i.e. a pattern of intimidation? Shouldn't federal authorities be called in to investigate?