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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lawyer offers mugged man free representation

The Pioneer Press' Mara Gottfried has had an excellent series of articles on a Minnesota man, Donald Hurd, who got mugged in St. Paul and shot one of the suspects. The story has had a number of interesting twists and turns, including Hurd getting arrested over the incident. One of the latest wrinkles involves a local lawyer.

Jim Meehan, who used to be a criminal defense attorney, contacted the Pioneer Press on Friday and offered to help Hurd, the paper reports.

"I would come out of retirement for him and defend him for free," Meehan, of Minneapolis, told the Pioneer Press. "No jury in America's going to convict him. He's a victim, he's a veteran, he's from out of town, he's older and he seems like a nice guy to me."

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Anonymous said...

This detail was like the old Queen for a Day:

While $350 was stolen with his wallet, what makes Hurd's eyes fill with tears is the loss of two pictures that were inside. They can not be replaced.

They were photographs Hurd took of his mother with his Kodak Brownie camera when he was 15. She was posing with her new Chevrolet, the car she was killed in during an accident three days later, Hurd said.

The crash happened in California, where Hurd lived with his mother. Hurd then moved to St. Paul, where he was born, to live with his father.

The pictures were developed in Minnesota, and Hurd said he has carried them with him ever since. He doesn't have the negatives, he said.

Mark Cohen, editor said...

There is something oddly Dickensian about Mr. Hurd, isn't there?