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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

13 Lindquist attorneys jump ship

Ten partners and three associates at Lindquist and Venum have left to join forces with the Portland, Oregon-based firm of Stoel Rives, opening the firm's first Minnesota office. The lawyers practice in the areas of agribusiness and renewable energy projects including ethanol, biodiesel, biomass and wind energy facilities.

The partners are Mark Hanson, Ron McFall, Kevin Prohaska, Joe Thompson, David Quinby, Jonathan Miesen, Kevin Johnson, Eric Bartsch, Joel Dahlgren and Marc Al.

According to its Website, Lindquist had about 185 lawyers before these departures.

According to Lindquist's managing partner, Daryle Uphoff, the news wasn't a surprise but the timing was. Uphoff told Minnesota Lawyer the departure occurred around midnight last Thursday night.

The other areas of Lindquist's practice, including securities, tax, real estate and regulatory issues, "remain firm," Uphoff said. He also noted that the head of the firm's energy practice, Todd Guerrero, was still with the firm, along with some of the agribusiness lawyers.

"This is not a crippling blow by any means," Uphoff said. The firm will rebuild these practice areas "as opportunities present."

I've heard that Stoel Rives has been recruiting at at least one of the local law schools, which may indicate plans to grow in the future. No word as yet from Hanson, listed in the Stoel Rives press release as "a leader in the Minneapolis office."

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