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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Minnesota Lawyer's parent company about to go public

We do not talk about our parent company much -- since, frankly, it would be a little self-serving to do so -- but Dolan Media, the Minneapolis-based company that owns locally Minnesota Lawyer, the St. Paul Legal Ledger and Finance and Commerce, is about to go public. Dolan Media was started right here in Minnesota in 1992 by Jim Dolan. Finance and Commerce was, in fact, Dolan Media's very first acquisition. The company now owns business and legal publications in a number of markets throughout the country.

The Star Tribune's Neal St. Anthony has a column on the Dolan Media IPO worth checking out, "Dolan Media IPO shaping up to be a doozy."

Don't expect to read much more on the IPO here, since I generally disfavor newspapers covering themselves (unless they are fighting a non-compete battle with each other, that is). Not to mention those pesky SEC regulations that limit what we can say. However, I did feel like we had to say something since you will undoubtedly be seeing a lot more about the Dolan Media IPO in the general media.

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