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Friday, November 16, 2007

AG's Office posts help wanted sign (again)

Just as an update on a prior post, I note that the Minnesota Attorney General's Office is again looking for a few good attorneys (or if not that, at least a few mediocre ones ...). Here is the link to the Bench & Bar classifieds in case you are interested in applying. (Hey, you get a retirement plan, holidays off and "more hands‑on legal work on challenging legal issues anywhere else" -- what more could you ask for?)


Anonymous said...

I'm a little curious as to why Minnesota Lawyer hasn't picked up on the union blog regarding the AG's office. The blog is at: http://agunion.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Minn Lawyer need not feel that it has failed its readers for not being aware of the AG blogspot because there has been no effort made to publicize it. The purpose of the blog is to foster communication among colleagues. Its audience is not the general public or the media. The need for such a vehicle might seem strange to those who work in an environment where an open discussion with management about what might improve the effectiveness of the organization/workplace is welcomed, tolerated or encouraged. Employees of the Attorney General's Office are committed to providing the citizens of the State of Minnesota with excellent service. The Office has experienced an unusually high level of departures of talented, experienced attorneys and legal assistants and secretaries. Those of us who are dedicated state employees are disturbed by this trend and would like to have an internal conversation with the Attorney General and her management team on how we can make that employment advertisement as honest and truthful as possible.