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Monday, December 17, 2007

Firms get into the holiday spirit

'Tis the season for holiday parties, fa, la, la, la, la. It can also be a hard season for getting in touch with folks if you are a legal journalist. And an extremely busy season if you are a lawyer who concentrates his/her practice on DWI cases.

But be that as it may, it is also supposed to be the season of giving. And my colleague Dan Heilman has a piece in today's Minnesota Lawyer about some firms and organizations that, in the truest spirit of the holidays, endeavor to give back. (See "Beyond the potluck and fruitcake," password required.)

Examples of holiday largess cited in the article include:

-- Leonard Street and Deinhard's spaghetti luncheon for the homeless (done in conjunction with Catholic Charities) held in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis;

-- Ramsey County Bar Association's "Santa Brings a Law Suit" program collecting and providing professional apparel for those who need it; and

-- Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly's efforts in conjunction with the Trinity Mission food shelf to provide holiday gifts to families that can't afford them.

Here at Minnesota Lawyer blog, we hope all our readers will take a long enough break from their billables to make someone's holiday season a little warmer. It doesn't take much. Sometimes just a random act of kindness will do.

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