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Saturday, December 8, 2007

U.S. Attorney’s Office sets productivity record under Paulose

The Star Tribune yesterday published a highly favorable analysis of the productivity of the Minnesota U.S. Attorney’s Office under Rachel Paulose.

According to the Strib, the office prosecuted a record 668 defendants in fiscal 2007, which ended in September. The productivity gains came despite the resignations of four top managers, a drop in the number of prosecutors in the office and fewer case referrals from the FBI, the Strib says.

The Strib reports dramatic increases in the number of defendants prosecuted for drugs, Civil Rights violations and immigration-law violations. At the same time, the number of white-collar prosecutions remained in line with the office’s statistical average.

The favorable performance was achieved despite a yearlong hiring freeze that left the office down five full-time prosecutors, according to Jeffrey Paulsen, chief of the criminal division.

For the full Strib article, see “Under Paulose, office posted record cases.”

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