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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Speaking of Top Ten lists...

With the new year still very new, it’s a good time to consider which legal issues will be most discussed in the media during 2008.

Legal marketing firm Legal Expert Connections has come up with a list of which practice areas will be most sought after for comment and expertise by mainstream print and broadcast outlets during the coming year.

They are:
1. Real estate
2. Government
3. Intellectual property
4. International law
5. Privacy/data security
6. Immigration
7. Trusts/estates
8. Environment
9. Employment
10. Health care

Not too many surprises on that list, but to name one, I wouldn’t be shocked to see legal issues surrounding trusts and estates to get more and more attention as the next few years pass.

With Baby Boomers reaching retirement age in droves, a lot of people will need solid legal advice about not just retirement planning, but also how to handle their estates best distribute assets to their heirs. Those are legal issues that affect everyone once they reach a certain age, and they’ll continue to garner media attention long after the mortgage mess becomes yesterday’s news.

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