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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cases like Demond's make us appreciate public attorneys

A week like this is a good time to salute our public attorneys.

As more and more horrific details emerge about the beating murder of 4-year-old Demond Reed, and as the case eventually goes to trial, Hennepin County prosecutors and (presumably) public defenders will both have a grimy task on their hands.

Prosecutors will have to demonstrate to a grand jury that the boy’s caretaker, Carla Poole, should be convicted of first-degree murder, with traumatized children as their only witnesses; and her defense team will have to overcome Poole’s criminal record and Poole’s acknowledgment that she ignored Demond’s need for medical attention following his beating.

It all makes a private law practice, where one can pick and choose among promising clients, seem pretty cushy.

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