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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How to write good, legal edition

A San Francisco-based legal writer and editor has a blog that -- along with writing tips -- features the tortured attempts at the written word that are perpetrated on a regular basis not only by lawyers, but also by their law firm employers.

Take this doozy from a law firm’s want ad:

Law firm experience is required as is excellent writing skills.

Or this roundabout lesson in copyright infringement:

In short what the amendment provides if a user can not find the work’s creator and they tweak the work they have cart blanc to use an artist’s work without any fees being paid even when the creating artist identifies themselves they do not even have to stop infringing.

With its Latin, legalese and other jargon, the writing produced by lawyers is impenetrable enough as it is. Is a basic grasp of English grammar too much to ask?

1 comment:

mister.thorne said...

What I find interesting is that a big law firm published the article that the second excerpt comes from.

The firm claims a commitment to excellence, but the article sure defies it.