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Friday, February 22, 2008

Will 'Michael Clayton" be the Oscar surprise?

Folks all around the country are busy making their Oscar picks today, including many of us over here at Minnesota Lawyer. Last year’s winner in our unofficial “Oscar” pool was editor Mark Cohen -- which means that for the past year, our traveling Oscar trophy has been residing with him.

Without a lot of “buzz” about any particular movie, it’s a tough year to predict the winners -- but that isn’t stopping people from trying. Academy award winners were even being forecast by some attendees at last night’s “Attorneys of the Year” event. (Which, by the way, people are saying they really enjoyed!)

Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Paul Anderson told the Minnesota Lawyer staff that the underdog “Michael Clayton” could be the surprise pick for Best Picture. (In case you haven’t seen it, the movie is about a middle-aged lawyer -- played by George Clooney -- who works as "fixer," clearing up complex or dirty cases on behalf of corporate clients.)

Minneapolis appellate attorney Eric Magnuson was unexpectedly coy when asked for his pick for Best Picture, but said that people either loved or hated “There Will Be Blood,” calling the movie a “great character study.”

Whoever the winners turn out to be, I always enjoy watching the awards show and keeping track of who’s ahead in the Oscar pool. And hopefully, on Monday morning Oscar will have a new home -- preferably on my desk!

1 comment:

Mark Cohen, editor said...

With a heavy heart I must report that I did not prevail in this year's office Oscar contest. The statuette has left my desk to reside for the next 12 months with Larry Mastbaum (a/k/a "Larry the production guy.")