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Monday, March 3, 2008

Criminal defense attorneys know how to have fun

While other types of lawyers may disagree, I have always felt that nobody knows how to have fun like criminal defense attorneys when they let down their hair.

As proof, I offer from this week's Bar Buzz column in Minnesota Lawyer the following intriguing silent auction items that the Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers will offer at the group's annual shindig next week:
  • A weekend for four at attorney Carolyn Agin Schmidt’s beachfront home in Duluth;
  • A 90-minute plane ride for three with attorney Jeff Sheridan;
  • A New Orleans dinner for six cooked in your home by attorney Caroline Durham;
  • Two 45-minute guitar/song sets by attorney Jim Sheehy at your next party;
  • A guided kayak trip to the Apostle Islands with attorney Brock Hunter;
  • A four-day stay in a three-bedroom Telluride Colorado Condo from attorney Fred Bruno. and
  • A neon statue of Lady Justice to decorate your office window from attorney Mike McGlennen.
Can you imagine an intellectual-property lawyer auctioning off a neon rendition of Lady Justice? I rest my case.

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