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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy birthday to us!

In two days, this blog celebrates its first birthday. That's right, March 20 is the one-year anniversary of the inaugural post on the Minnesota Lawyer blog.

Ah, yes, I remember those early days well. We started this blog with nothing but $20 million and a dream ... OK, OK, it was more like $1.50 and a catnap, but you get the idea.

At this milestone occasion, we'd like to thank you, our loyal readers, for your continuing interest and support. (Heck, for that matter, we'll even thank the disloyal ones ...)


rew said...

I can only assume this means that your blog is now sleeping through the night, enjoying more solid foods, and starting to pick up a larger vocabulary...

(ok, I've been getting too many babycenter updates)


Mark Cohen, editor said...

Thanks! Not only is it now sleeping through the night, but occasionally through the day. ... Now if we could just potty train it ...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!


Suspended lawyer alleges ethical lapses in Swanson's office
by Tim Pugmire, Minnesota Public Radio
March 18, 2008