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Friday, March 28, 2008

Judges, lawyers get dramatic at RCBA annual dinner

The Ramsey County Bar Association had its annual judges' dinner last night at the Town & Country Club in St. Paul. As usual, the festivities featured chicken, drinks and judges and lawyers doing their best to entertain during a raucous theatrical revue. Here are just a few of the highlights from the theatrical part of the show that the mainstream media somehow seems to have missed:

-- Minnesota State Bar Association President Brian Melendez doing the emceeing (he actually got off a number of good one liners);
-- Woodbury attorney Paul Peterson doing his best Donald Trump impression, which include sporting a wig made to simulate the Donald's trademark hair (where does one procure that?);
-- Judge Kathleen Gearin portraying an Irish mafioso to hilarious effect; and
-- Judge Elena Ostby during a mock version of Jeopardy (repeatedly answering with the phrase, "Who is ... Jay Bennanav?")

Kudos to all those brave enough to demonstrate their theatrical flair. If any of the judges at the gathering last night are suffering from "black robe disease," I think (at least for that night) they were cured.

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