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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Turmoil in AG’s office, but not ours this time

Joanne Colan over at Rocketboom tells us that on this day in history, the Greeks entered Troy with their Trojan Horse. We all know how that turned out, hence the saying, "beware of Greeks bearing gifts."

But if you replace "Greeks" with "attorney general offices" — then delete the rest — this phrase might be as apropos now as it was in 1184 B.C.

Where's my point? E-mails recently obtained by the Wisconsin State Journal show that a top detective's final year in the Wisconsin Attorney General's Office was like warfare.

"The last year has been really ugly for me and this retirement was pretty much shoved down my throat," wrote Jim Warren, who led Wisconsin's Division of Criminal Investigation for 10 years, to another agent. "I would have loved to stay on but the constant war with the current administration just got to be too much," another message reads.

Sound familiar?

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