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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Did ya hear da one about...

The Nordic Heritage Club in Carver County is having a contest to see who can come up with the best original Ole and Lena joke. (Non-Midwesterners are excused from reading any further; we don’t pretend that Ole and Lena jokes are actually funny.)

We're not entering the contest, but in that spirit, we thought we’d toss out an Ole and Lena oldie for our audience of folks in the legal community:

While driving his pickup down the road one day with his mule in the truck bed, Ole was struck by a semi. He sued the company that owned the semi, and at the trial was being cross-examined by the company’s attorney.

“Sir,” said the attorney, “isn’t it true that when the responding officer came to the scene and asked you how you were, you told him you were OK?”

“Ya, dat’s true,” said Ole.

“Then what possible grounds can you have to file a lawsuit against my client?”

“Vell, when da officer saw dat my mule’s legs was broken, he took out his pistol and shot her. Ven he came over and asked me how I was, vat did you tink I would say?”

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