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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Microsoft CEO to print media: you’ve only got 10 years left

You may have heard that Minnesota Lawyer is celebrating the Big 10... In fact, we're including a retrospective anniversary section with next Monday's paper.

We really hope you enjoy this special publication, because if Microsoft's CEO is right, the next 10 years will kill the printed page.

In an interview published today in the Washington Post, Steve Ballmer says the next decade will turn the world of media and communications upside down. He further delivers this prediction:

"There will be no media consumption left in 10 years that is not delivered over an IP network. There will be no newspapers, no magazines that are delivered in paper form. Everything gets delivered in an electronic form."

I have a feeling that paper will linger a bit longer. But even if Ballmer is correct, your beloved Minnesota Lawyer won't simply disappear. When our 20th anniversary rolls around, we'll just beam our special coverage directly into that chip embedded in your cerebral cortex.

That is, assuming anyone bothers to exist in meatspace at all.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting for you guys to do an article on the Court's response to this prediction, because the disappearance of print media will probably be a decade or less ahead of the disappearance of paper filings. Are there cost-savings there that would help save PD jobs? How much have the courts utilized IT-related productivity gains to reduce costs?