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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The race is on

Today is the first day that candidates can file for office and it won't pass uneventfully. Both state Supreme Court justices up for election, Lorie Gildea and Paul Anderson, told Minnesota Lawyer they plan to file today. (Click here to see the filings for judicial seats so far.)

In other judicial-election news, Senior Assistant Hennepin County Attorney Elizabeth Cutter has announced that she will file for the seat anticipated to be vacated by Judge Thomas Wexler in Hennepin County. Cutter serves as a supervisor in the violent crimes division and has worked in Hennepin County for 20 years. Her steering committee is led by Minneapolis attorneys Tom Tinkham and Jean Holloway.

A race is also shaping up in Ramsey County for the seat to be vacated by Judge John Finley Howard Orenstein, Andy Dawkins and Gail Chang Bohr are the definite candidates, with several others maybes potentially throwing their hat in the ring as well. Orenstein recently announced that he has the endorsement of Rep. Betty McCollum of the Fourth Congressional District.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Several have their court system email address listed. Someone outta tell these judges they shouldn't be using public resources (email address/bandwidth/etc) for election purposes. I'm sure these are innocent mistakes but they should actually know the law better.