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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Slip-Slade-ing away from Hennepin race

As some of you have noticed, immediately after the filling period closed, the field went down from seven to six in the race for the open Hennepin County judicial seat. Why? One of the candidates -- Minneapolis attorney Nick Slade -- withdrew his name. (And, by the way, what a great-sounding name it is -- right out of a dime-store detective novel or 1940s film noir.)

Shortly after his decision to flee the crowded field, I called Slade and left a voicemail message for him seeking his reasons. The call went unreturned, which is why I didn't post anything about it here. But, since some of you appear to still be curious and since an anonymous commenter provided me a link, click here to see what Slade has to say on his campaign website on his decision. The crux of it is that a lot of people are running and, with his legal work, he doesn't feel he can put in the time and effort necessary to prevail.

It's not unusual for at least one candidate to withdraw his or her name immediately after the judicial-election filing period. (In fact, there is a brief withdrawal period after filings close that allows candidates to do exactly this.) This year, it was Slade who pulled out, leaving an even half dozen lawyers to run for the seat of retiring Judge Thomas Wexler. The good news? With six you get eggroll.

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