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Monday, August 25, 2008

Gildea, Clark panel: The final answer (so far)

It took a few tries, but the court has assembled a panel to hear arguments in a petition filed by Jill Clark, who is running for office against Justice Lorie Gildea.

Clark wants to remove Gildea’s name from the ballot or at least remove the incumbent designation. The court has naturally recused itself and last week a panel of former justices was named: Acting Chief Justice James Gilbert and Justices Sam Hanson, Edward C. Stringer, Esther M. Tomljanovich and Lawrence Yetka.

But then Hanson, Stringer and Tomljanovich rescused, since they were listed as supporters on Gildea’s Web site. Oops. Named to replace them were Court of Appeals Judges Bruce Willis and Roger Klaphake and Hennepin County District Court Judge Marilyn Rosenbaum.

Double oops. The judge’s wife, Carol Klaphake, is also listed on the Web site. Replacing Judge Klaphake is Judge Gordon Shumaker. No Shumakers on the list.

Argument is scheduled for Tuesday morning.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No report on the oral arguments? Come on, I'm sure you had somebody there!