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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Judge Michael Sovis reprimanded, fined

First Judicial District Judge Michael Sovis has been publicly reprimanded by the Board on Judicial Standards and fined $1000 for improper treatment of a member of the public who was engaged in a dispute with a friend of Sovis and Sovis’ spouse. According to the board, Sovis personally instituted contempt proceedings against the man and personally ordered him arrested. The board stated that Sovis did not advise the man that he had the right to an attorney or a trial.

The Board concluded that Judge Sovis’ actions were contrary to the Minnesota Code on Judicial Conduct, Canons 1, 2A, 2B, 3A(4) 3A(5), 3A(7), 3A(9),3D(1) and Canon 4A, as well as the Rules of the Board on Judicial Standards, Rules 4(a)(5) and (6). The board said that Sovis’ conduct did not uphold the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary, gave the appearance of impropriety, violated his duty of impartiality, did not conduct his extra-judicial activities in a way that did not conflict with his judicial obligations, and engaged in conduct that brings the judicial office into disrepute.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Judge Sovis was involved in the modification of a court transcript to justify a ruling in May 2007 as well. He wrote me personally to decline a meeting to discuss the matter. His court recorder smiled and said "it is what it is" when I was provided with a copy months after my initial request and on the day of a criminal trial which finally went in my favor regardless of the tampering of court records.

The Dakota County courts are corrupt and a few judges seem to be in cahoots with several advocacy groups. I had to take my court matters to Ramsey County to find any justice.

I would like to see Judge Sovis criminally charged with conspiracy, but I'm sure his unethical decisions and actions are protected by some sort of judicial immunity.

Anyway, it's good to know the saying "What goes around comes around" stands true.

Kind Regards,

Sean Moffett

Anonymous said...

This conduct is unacceptable. I have seen people sent to prison for conduct not as serious as this. I can see no reason why he should not be charged criminally. We need a revolution against the lunatic judges while supporting the few solid good ones.

--An Attorney in Minnesota

Bobby said...

Judge Sovis deserves recourse for his actions. He sits on his bench and dishes out the punishment (not so fairly) now let him recieve what he has coming. Why do we allow such things go without recourse? What kind of corrupt country/judicial system is this?

Remember this man is NOT appointed, he is elected (by "US") and his term is up Jan. '09.

Spread the word.

Anonymous said...

Judge Michael Sovis is not a good judge to be in front of. a lawyer said he could be "callous". I hate to mention it that he is also, "prejudiced" keep that in the back of your mind if you end up having this judge, I unfortunately was moved by the Dakota county judge at my second hearing because he was backed up, and than this Judge Michael Sovis, came out from "Lunch" with no one in front of us or behind and boy this guy is thumbs down needs to wake up to the Y2K. DO NOT VOTE FOR JUDGE MICHAEL SOVIS.

Anonymous said...

We need Change in our Judges in Dakota County. Michael Sovis is one root of the problem. New Judges, hopefully ones that will reflect our changing world. It smells like a nursing home in their courts as well...No to Judge Michael Sovis and all sitting Dakota county Judges...

Anonymous said...

Following up on the elections. Good for Obama and yes we can! Unfortunately in our Dakota County elections, the judges up for re-election have no challengers to keep them honest. that means they run unopposed. Wonder why they run courtrooms the way they do. Till next time.