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Monday, August 18, 2008

Minnesota Lawyer unveils new site providing info on judicial candidates

Minnesota Lawyer is pleased to announce the launch of its online judicial elections guide providing a central source of information on the candidates for judicial office in Minnesota's upcoming elections. Currently, the site offers information about candidates running in the judicial primary, which will be held on Sept. 9. (Information on candidates in the general election will be made available after the primary.)

There are four judicial races for which there will be a primary -- two for Supreme Court seats, one for a Hennepin County District Court seat and one for a Ramsey County District Court seat. Candidates were asked to provide a photo, biographical questions and their answers to a questionnaire composed by Minnesota Lawyer. All but two of the 21 judicial candidates involved in a primary race responded to Minnesota Lawyer's request for information.

Minnesota Lawyer is providing this information to voters as a public service. Access is free and unlimited. The Judicial Elections 2008 website can be accessed by clicking on the button on the Minnesota Lawyer home page or by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the very useful site!

Anonymous said...

Jill Clark called. She wants the (I) removed from appointees names. They were not elected and therefore are not incumbents.