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Monday, September 15, 2008

Some innocent fun for a good cause

One month from today -- on Wednesday, Oct. 15 -- the Innocence Project of Minnesota will hold its annual "Benefit for Innocence" at the Depot in Minneapolis.

The project has a noble goal, which is to keep innocent people from being convicted and to free those who have been. (It's hard to argue with that objective.) This annual fundraiser is a big part of helping the group to fulfill this mission locally, so I would urge you to support it by attending or being a firm sponsor. (Click here for info). In the interests of full-disclosure, Minnesota Lawyer is a "media sponsor" -- as it has been, I believe, since the group formed -- but it's a worthy cause that I would be in favor of supporting regardless.

Even if the philanthropic reasons don't catch your interest, there is another reason to go to this year's event -- the keynote speaker is none other than lawyer/ author John Grisham. Grisham's legal thrillers have been blockbusters to say the least --- and the movie versions have starred such folk as Tom Cruise, Susan Sarandon, Denzel Wahington, Claire Danes and Julia Roberts.

So, whether you are "The Rainmaker," "The Partner," or "The Associate" where you work, make "The Firm" commitment to have a little innocent fun on Oct. 15. Sorry, but I'll have to end my series of of eye-rolling Grisham puns here, as I have no more "Time to Kill." But for any of you still with us who want to have a good time at a worthwhile event, I'll repeat the link to the Innocence Project's information.

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