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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Appellate video series: Judge Terri Stoneburner

Continuing with our video series for the appellate court races, today we bring you Court of Appeals Judge Terri Stoneburner. Stoneburner, who has served on the appellate bench for eight years, faces a challenge from International Falls attorney Dan Griffith, who has run unsuccessfully for a judgeship twice before. Stoneburner's prior experience includes 10 years as a trial court judge and 10 years in private practice in Mankato. She also worked for four years as a staff attorney for the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights.


Anonymous said...

I find you profiles helpful because, otherwise, judicial races are basically invisible. Videos such as this one are also a useful adjunct.

Although I didn't know anything about either candidate before reading your profiles and the candidates' own respective websites, I wonder why you didn't post an equivalent interview with Judge Stoneburner's opponent?

Mark Cohen, editor said...

I should have explained that. Unfortunately, despite an invitation to do so, we were unable to arrange the filming of video of two appellate challengers -- Mr. Griffith and Mr. Tingelstad. Both live and work in greater Minnesota and were unavailable to meet with our videographer in the metro area prior to the election.