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Monday, October 6, 2008

Lawyers an instrumental part of 'Attractive Nuisance Tour'

I had the pleasure of stopping by the sixth Annual “Attractive Nuisance Tour” at the Fine Line Music Cafe last Friday evening. The tour is always a great legal community event with an excellent objective -- raising money for the Minnesota Justice Foundation and the Hennepin County Bar Foundation. Over its five year lifespan, the event has raised more than $200,000 for these worthwhile causes.

The Attractive Nuisance Tour features music from an array of bands – each of which includes at least one member who is from the local legal community. The festivities last Friday were led off with the all-lawyer band “Noisy Withdrawal.” (For more on the band, click here.) I had the chance to chat with three of members of band – Laurie Hartman, Steve Beck and Ryan Johnson. When they are not practicing their music, all three of these bandmates can be found practicing law at Fredrikson & Byron.

Below is a clip of “Noisy Withdrawal’s” performance at Friday's fun-filled event along with a few comments from the above band members.

Click here to see this clip on YouTube.

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