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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Second protective order filed against candidate John Dehen

John Dehen, who is running for District Court judge in Sherburne County against Robert Varco, is the subject of an order for protection in Carver County. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Mr. Dehen allegedly got in an argument with his 15-year-old daughter, Calen Dehen, while they were in a car, and that he shoved her into the car door causing a bloody nose and a swollen lip. The protection order was sought by Mary Briol on behalf of Calen Dehen. I called Mr. Dehen and he refused to come to the phone, having the person who answered the telephone tell me he was in the process of drafting a comment for the Star Tribune and I could read it there. That was more than three hours ago, and there is nothing up on the Strib's website.

By the way, this is the second time Dehen has been the subject of an order for protection. The last one was in 1995 and went up to the Court of Appeals. The petitioner there was named Mary Vos, and the case said the parties were the parents of a 21-month-old child, C.D. In that case, the Court of Appeals said, Dehen pushed the petitioner away from a door, causing her to fall and sustain injuries. That unpublished opinion is Vos v. Dehen.

Other information about the judicial candidate is available on the Minnesota Lawyer blog and in the Oct. 10 issue of Minnesota Lawyer.

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