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Monday, March 26, 2007

Two 'Sammys' in Phoenix

I am back from the Dolan Media summit in Phoenix and am pleased to report that the efforts of Minnesota Lawyer staff were recognized with two awards from our corporate parent. Associate editor Barbara L. Jones (on left) won the awards, which are called "Sammys" (named after the retired former head of the Dolan newspaper group, Sam Spencer.) The awards recognize her excellent work on two seperate news stories. All of the papers in the Dolan Media chain (more than 20 markets, I believe) compete for these awards -- so it is no easy task to win them. Way to go Barb!

BTW -- The Grand Canyon was great. I highly recommend it for anyone who has not visited!
On my way back from my Arizona trip, I shared a flight with a bunch of Bowman and Brooke attorneys who were coming back from a partnership meeting in Phoenix. Word is that they stayed in the plush Ritz Carlton (Guess B&B did OK this year.) I tried to wrangle some info about the partnership meeting out of B&B partner George Soule, but he had no juicy details for me. I can report that B&B attorney Chris Fowlkes was sitting in an exit row -- all 6'4 of him.

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