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Friday, March 30, 2007

Less bitter, more better?

The Star Tribune ran an editorial today on Hennepin County's Early Neutral Evaluation Program ("A different divorce.") The piece is mostly high on the program, although it does mention at one point:
"Not everyone is enamored of these new efforts. Some lawyers and judges, according to Remington and others, say the approach can cause couples to be rushed, depriving them of sufficient time to process important changes, and causing them to make financial and practical decisions they later regret."

It seems with 65 percent of the cases resolving on the first meeting, this might be a real danger. Any family lawyers have any thoughts on this?

The article also cites the pioneering efforts of local attorney Stuart Webb in the collaborative law arena. Lawyers USA is about to do a story on the collaborative law model that I think raises some interesting concerns. More on that next week.

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