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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Power Line takes on beauty contests?

I don't always agree with the postings on my colleagues' blog, Power Line, written by Minneapolis lawyers John Hinderaker and Scott Johnson, but I generally at least take them seriously. Until now. Hey guys, what's up with yesterday's bikini-clad photo of Miss Venezuela and the somewhat "detailed" coverage of a beauty contest? Throwing in a political comment about Miss Korea's idea of what super-power she would like to have doesn't get you out of the dog house. (BTW, her answer was reportedly "a wallet that never dried up.")


Anonymous said...

Until now? Powerline deviates from its general fare quite predictably: English football, music legends on You Tube, Duke lacross and -- every year since its founding -- the Miss Universe contest. These are the prerogatives of the blogging world. Not unlike the Bar Buzz at times, except for the bikinis.

Mark Cohen, editor said...

Hmmm. Bikinis in Bar Buzz? Interesting idea. I will say for the record Minnesota Lawyer has no current plans to do a "swim suit edition" of the state's bar -- and promises not to so long as our blackmail demands continue to be met ...

I am all for a little superfluity myself -- be it on Power Line, this blog or elsewhere. I have made plenty of frothy entries and no doubt will continue to do so.

In any case, my major qualm with Miss Universe coverage would be not so much with the bikinis, and more with the fact that the franchise is now owned by Trump. So long as the pics are of Miss Venezuela and not him, I am OK with it.