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Monday, May 28, 2007

U.S. Supreme Court not smiling on class actions

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend! In case you missed it on your way to the lake on Friday, I am providing a link to an interesting article that was on the Bloomberg wire. So wipe off that barbeque sauce, and check this out:

Roberts Court Deals Lawyers Setbacks in Suits Against Companies
By Greg Stohr

May 25 (Bloomberg) -- For trial lawyers, any news from the U.S. Supreme Court these days is probably bad.

The court this week threw out an antitrust lawsuit against the nation's three largest telephone companies, saying judges should be quicker to dismiss cases that would force corporations and other defendants to mount a costly defense. The decision was part of a trend that attorneys say is making it harder to successfully press class-action cases and other suits against businesses.

Trial lawyers may suffer additional setbacks in the next month as the court, under Chief Justice John Roberts, rules on two investor lawsuits that justices criticized during arguments in March.

For more, click here.

On the plus side, no anti-trial lawyer decisions came out over the long weekend ...

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