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Thursday, June 28, 2007

AG's Office looking for a few good lawyers

The Minnesota Attorney General's Office had a few ... err ... H.R.-related issues earlier this year that were well documented on this blog and in the media. The office suffered some significant turnover -- both voluntary and involuntary -- during the first few months of 2007. Several sources at the time expressed concerns about the potential for a talent drain at the office and the difficulties that might result in recruiting qualified attorneys to replace them.

The online version of Minnesota State Bar Association's Bench & Bar magazine currently contains a classified listing from the AG's Office seeking candidates for employment. The ad says: "The Minnesota Office of the Attorney General is accepting resumes from attorneys interested in employment with this Office. Interested candidates should submit a resume to ..."

Hmmm. I don't notice any minimum qualifications listed in the ad other than that applicants be attorneys. Is it just me, or didn't the AG's Office used to say "a minimum of two years litigation experience required" when advertising to fill vacancies? Of course I may be reading too much into this. It may be the AG's Office is just looking to save a couple of bucks with a more pithy classified ad ...


Anonymous said...

Another legacy of Mike Hatch. You would never have found classified ads looking for assistant attorneys general before Hatch's election. The Minnesota AG office recruited top candidates from law schools around the midwest and nation, and people stayed. It was a very competitive place to get a job and people tended to stay.

With Hatch, the best began to leave and fewer tried to come in. It's only gotten worse under Swanson.

Only lawyers, I'm afraid, can understand the tragedy of how Hatch transformed the most professional AG office in the US to mediocrity almost overnight. Let I not be misunderstood: There are many top notch lawyers who still work there. But they are not allowed to do their best work and are hampered by political considerations unthinkable under Humphrey or Spannius.

Anonymous said...

Mansfield Tanick will be posting ads soon too. Quite a mutiny there this week.

Anonymous said...

I have grown tired of hearing and reading comments about the "mediocrity" of the attorneys who remain at the AG's office. The comments are offensive to the hard-working attorneys who "still work there."

Anonymous said...

What happened at Mansfield? What experience level will they be hiring at?