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Sunday, July 8, 2007

More media matters

The Strib's Kate Parry has an interesting column this week: "Is anyone going into journalism anymore?" It's an upbeat piece about how the influx of a group of summer interns has brought revitalizing energy into the (so recently decimated) Strib newsroom.

It is difficult to give cheery advice to folks thinking about journalism as a career these days. The general circulation dailies continue to trim back staff faster than a shaggy dog sheds its hair. I was put into a tough spot not too long ago when one of my nieces told me she was interested as journalism as a potential career field. Do I tell her to go for it, or caution her to be wary? I settled for something in between. It's like a lot of things -- those who really love it and really want to do it shouldn't (and probably wouldn't) be dissuaded. Fortunately, my niece also loves the theater, so at least she has a solid fall back if that journalism idea doesn't pan out ....

Meanwhile, Brian Lambert over at the Rake has a recent column tracing all the benefits that Pioneer Press staffers are losing under the new regime ("Singleton to Pioneer Press: Bend Over.")

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