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Sunday, July 8, 2007

NYC Legal Aid lawyer loses focus

There were a couple of interesting posts on the Wall Street Journal Law blog Friday. One was about a 32-year-old former New York Legal Aid Lawyer charged with unlawfully videotaping his female colleagues in their offices. A motion-activated camera was found hidden inside an alarm clock in one woman's office, along with some video images on it. The defendant attorney -- a Georgetown graduate -- reportedly purchased the security camera at a Sharper Image store. (For more, click here.) Besides the gentleman's obviously boorish behavior (assuming the charges prove true), I find the most incredible part of the story the fact that a Legal Aid lawyer living in Manhattan could actually scrap together enough funds to buy something at the Sharper Image.

In a second item, the WSJ Law Blog announced it will be on vacation in Maine this week (Click here for details.) Who knew blogs take vacations? I wonder what a blog looks like in a bathing suit? .... Fortunately, the Minnesota Lawyer blog remains open for business. I will be in Stillwater for a bar association function on Thursday, but that is about as close as I will get to any coastline this week.

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