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Monday, August 13, 2007

B&B bridge hero tells his tale

Minnesota Lawyer has a great piece this week telling the story of Will Barron, the Bowman and Brooke summer associate who helped victims of the 35W bridge collapse. Barron and his wife, Annie, who were driving in the area when the disaster struck, both got out of their car and rushed to the scene to help.

The Minnesota Lawyer piece, "A hero among us" (password required), is Barron's own description of what ensued. There are several really good anecdotes that he told to our reporter, Dan Heilman. For example, the couple came across a man in a truck with a broken arm and volunteered the use of their cell phone to let him speak with his wife. They got his home number, dialed it and handed him the phone. Before the poor guy could get his story out, an irate spouse on the other end could be heard yelling, "Where are you? You're late! Are you in a bar?" Flustered, the injured man simply blurted, "Woman, I just fell off a bridge! Turn on the TV!" And then hung up.

It's obvious from his eyewitness account that Barron is not only a humanitarian, but good at relating a story. I would encourage you to read the whole thing in this week's issue.

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