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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Local 'Dateline' left something to be desired

I finally caught the Dateline NBC show on the local murder case of Teri Lee -- the 3M employee whose ex-boyfriend broke into her house and murdered her and her new boyfriend.

As you recall, I blogged earlier that the show would be on last Monday (See "Bill Harper ready for his close up on NBC's Dateline"), but the program wound up being preempted locally by the weather coverage of the massive thunderstorms that we had here that day.

Kare 11 broadcast the Dateline on the case last night. Most of the coverage (I'd say about 99.5 percent) was devoted to the criminal trial. Harper, who is representing Lee's family in a negligence suit against the company that installed her (supposedly) state-of-the-art alarm did not appear on the show at all. Apparently Harper wasted his time talking to the Dateline crew, only to have the footage left on the cutting-room floor. Perhaps they could have fit more on the civil case in if they had just done one less advertisement for a hair-care product. But then again, that might be asking too much.

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