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Monday, August 27, 2007

Half the state's law schools now in between deans

Two of the state's four law schools are now in search of a dean.

William Mitchell College of Law sent out a press release last Friday that was, well, a tad cryptic. With classes having just started at WMCL, the school announced that its dean, Allen Easley, was stepping down for "personal reasons" (his words). It's highly unusual for a change of deans to occur -- particularly with so little warning to the outside world -- at the start of an academic year. According to the release, Easley, who is also a faculty member at the school, is also taking a one-year sabbatical from his teaching duties. (Click here to see the release.)

Longtime faculty member Eric Janus -- who has been tapped as WMCL's interim dean -- has an excellent reputation and will no doubt nicely fill the spot while the school searches for a permanent replacement.

Meanwhile, the University of Minnesota Law School has has its dean spot open for more than a year now. Currently, two interim co-deans -- Guy-Uriel E. Charles and Fred L. Morrison -- are filling the spot as the school hunts for a permanent dean. The two professors are a little more than halfway through the two-year appointment as interim co-deans. (By the way, does anybody besides me hate the title co-dean? It sounds like a pain medication.)

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