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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Women rule at Dorsey

Dorsey & Whitney was the only law firm led by a women — managing partner Marianne D. Short — to rank in both the Am Law 100 and Top Law Firms for Women this year.

Bruce MacEwen over at Adam Smith, Esq. used this opportunity to chat with Short about law firm initiatives such as work/life balance, mentoring and flextime that help create a welcoming environment for many women.

A summary of the interview is available here.

Among other anecdotes, Short has these numbers to substantiate Dorsey’s strength among the fairer persuasion:

• In 2002, 28 percent of 5th- through 7th-year associates were women. But this year, a full 50 percent of 5th- through 7th-year associates are women.

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