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Thursday, September 20, 2007

What's in a name? Something historic, no doubt

The Minnesota Supreme Court Historical Society (at least that's the working title of the group) had its second meeting yesterday at the Minnesota Judicial Center. One of the points addressed by attendees was whether to adopt the historical society name.

St. Louis Park attorney Kate MacKinnon commented that the word "society" made the group sound like a “club for fusty old men."

Justice Sam Hanson -- who, along with Justice Paul Anderson has been a driving force of the initiative -- drew laughs when he quipped that he took exception to the “fusty old man” reference.

One of the early projects that will be tackled by the fledgling society(?) will be to write memorials for all the deceased Supreme Court justices for whom no memorial was published. (Minnesota Reports stopped publishing memorials in 1977, so memorials are missing for justices who have died since then. In addition, memorials are missing for some early justices. In all, 24 memorials need to be written.)

If you are interested in judicial history and want to pitch in by researching and writing a memorial, you can contact MacKinnon at (952) 915-9215.

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