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Monday, October 29, 2007

Congratulations, Boston Red Sox!

Having grown up in the Boston area, I could not refrain from a salute to my hometown team, the (now world-champion) Red Sox.
The Red Sox have now won eight of their last eight World Series games. The last time the Sox had been in the World Series prior to this year was in 2004, when the team won its first world championship in 86 years. I had the pleasure of attending the first game of that series, which was in Fenway Park. The Sox won that day and haven't lost a World Series game since.

Growing up a Red Sox fan during that 86-year gap period was a frustrating experience, so it is great to see them win another title so soon. Kudos!


Anonymous said...

Indeed, a fine showing by the Scarlet Hose. But tell me, how is it they get to be cast as the Hard Luck Kids against an expansion team when their team payroll is like the third highest in the Show?

Mark Cohen, editor said...

I think it's 86-year gap between titles -- along with a plethora of hard-luck loses at key moments during those intervening years -- amounts for the team's mystique. Of course, that will evaporate if they continue with their winning ways, which is why true Red Sox fans have mixed feelings when something bad doesn't happen. Having the universe appearing to conspire against you may not be pleasant, but at least it assures you your place at the center of the universe, as any paranoid schizophrenic could tell you. Plus we hate to give up underdog status.

However, the money thing may, in the end, be the undoing of the Red Sox mystique. It would indeed be sad for them to establish a money-fueled Yankee-like dynasty. If its any consolation, their $100M pitcher just had a $1M season, so its not always about the $$$. Personally, I like to root for players with a lot of heart like Curt Schilling.

In the meantime, I also like the Minnesota Twins who face impossible odds with their "barebones" payroll.