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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lawyers seeking council seats are rare

Right or wrong, people tend to presume that most political candidates are or were lawyers. That’s probably because most of the presidential candidates in both parties have a current or past legal practice.

But what about at the more grass-roots level of city council candidacy? A look at the 30 candidates vying for the 14 open council seats in various Ramsey County wards next Tuesday shows only one attorney: Kennedy & Graven shareholder Chuck Long, who’s running in Falcon Heights.

The rest of the candidates come from a wide variety of industries, with a lot of small-business owners included in the mix. The council level of politics still seems to be the domain of the concerned citizen, regardless of his or her professional background.

Does this mean lawyers tend not to become interested in running for office until the stakes get a little – or a lot – higher?

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