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Monday, October 22, 2007

This scam seems like a Supervalu

I blogged last week about an Internet scam out there targeting attorneys. Minnesota Lawyer has a story on the scam today (subscriber password required).

It's easy to think no one at your firm would be dumb enough to fall for an e-mail scam. However, these folks can be pretty darn convincing, particularly if you routinely do business via e-mail. The most recent scam plays on lawyers' ethical duties, and takes full advantage of the bar's obligations to protect the interests of clients.

Anyone who thinks it can't happen at his or her firm should take a look at the article in Saturday's Star Tribune, "Supervalu sent $10 million to fraudulent bank accounts; money recovered." Fortunately for Supervalu, the company discovered it had been scammed before the money could be withdrawn from the banks to which it had been sent. Often the scammers use offshore banks, which fortunately for Supervalu did not happen in that case.

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