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Friday, October 19, 2007

Warning! Internet scammer is targeting attorneys

There is an Internet scammer out there targeting lawyers. The scammer purports to be a Thailand-based company in need of a lawyer to aid in its delinquent account collection.

The company -- which claims to have located the attorney through an online directory -- will ultimately try to get the attorney to deposit a check and wire the funds out of the country. The check is actually a cleverly constructed counterfeit. At least one local attorney was among those targeted. Minnesota Lawyer has the details of the attorney's experience in Monday's paper.


S. Glover said...

I receive two or three similar scam e-mails per day, and have for about a month, now. I have considered sending a Togstad-style e-mail, but they are so obviously a scam that I just send them to the trash.

Mark Cohen, editor said...

It's a new twist on an old scam. This time they are pretending to be in need of legal advice. The local lawyer got a cashier's check from them UPS after a short e-mail correspondence.