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Friday, October 19, 2007

Lawyers rock at the Fine Line

In a blog entry last week about the growing popularity within the legal community of riding motorcycle, I encouraged those of you who’ve been under the assumption that lawyers and judges are nothing but a bunch of buttoned-down, boring men and women in business suits to “think again.”

This week, I repeat that advice.

A week from tonight, Oct. 26, eight different bands -- all of which include at least one lawyer or law student -- will be rocking away at the Fine Line Music Café in Minneapolis.

It’s all part of the fifth annual Attractive Nuisance Tour, which raises money for two local legal charities -- the Minnesota Justice Foundation and the Hennepin County Bar Foundation. Each year since ANT’s inception in 2003, the amount raised has increased -- from $10,000 the first year to $57,000 last year. Organizers anticipate that this year’s concert will be even bigger and better than ever before.

A preview of this year’s ANT event will be available in Monday’s edition of Minnesota Lawyer. General admission is $20. For ticket information, e-mail Joy at joy@hcba.org.

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