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Monday, November 19, 2007

By speaking out, has Paulose has stoked a dying fire?

As Minnesota Lawyer editor Mark Cohen mentioned on Friday, after months of keeping a relatively low profile, U.S. Attorney Rachel Paulose has stepped back into the spotlight. But after all is said and done, she might wish she hadn’t.

Local conservative blogger Scott Johnson wrote an essay for the National Review’s blog dismantled Johnson’s article in a lengthy essay that went online today. MNPublius maintained that it was a curious strategy for Paulose to counter charges of partisanship by giving an exclusive to a strongly conservative blogger. And Steve Sack’s Star Tribune cartoon Monday made no bones about the lingering talk that Paulose got and has kept her post thanks mostly to loyalty toward the Bush administration (click on cartoon 2 in the ST’s Sack gallery).

In trying to defend herself, Paulose seems to be only leaving herself open for more criticism, all but erasing memories of her positive accomplishments.

UPDATE: The news has just broken that Paulose has resigned her post as U.S. Attorney to go to work for new U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey.


Anonymous said...

last week's NYT article was a dying fire???? you guys want sensational news...pathetic....

Anonymous said...

Mr. Heilman has a point. The NYT article was essentially a rehash. It's the response that has given the story new vitality.

Anonymous said...

Well, I just heard on MPR that she is stepping down for a position with the DOJ. So I guess she's said her piece.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Paulose said, "I did not do it". Was that wrong? Did she say who lied about it? Did she accuse someone? Why should anyone get upset if she just says "i didn't do it"?
this is just unbelievable....
I don't think it was a "dying fire". the fire of hatred won't die from the cruel mind. it is a consuming fire! I'm glad she is getting out of there. who knows what they would have done next!