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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Growing income gap for women lawyers

More bad news about gender equity in the law from the National Association of Women Lawyers' second national Survey on Retention and Promotion of Women in Law Firms.

Among its findings, the survey shows that there is a growing income gap
between men and women lawyers as they move up the partnership ranks, that
the large majority of women who start as associates in firms are not
promoted to equity positions or law firm leadership roles, and that law
firm governance is overwhelmingly male, with fully 15 percent of the surveyed
firms lacking a female on its top committee.

A news release from NAWL is available here, and ABA coverage of the survey is available here.

NAWL offers an interesting resource for women relative to these issues. It offers the "Connect, Listen and Learn" series, an teleconference book club that includes the author. December's book is "Tripping The Prom Queen: The Truth About Women and Rivalry" with Susan Shapiro Barash.

The site states, "As more women join law firms we need to think about ways to maximize the ways we work together. This book explores the world of women to women competition and how we often undermine each others efforts. ...Barash discusses the “underworld” of female relationships and ends with outlining ways that we can turn this competition into strength.

Also on NAWL's website is a picture of Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar with Holly English, NAWL's president. English visited Minnesota last month for the Minnesota Women Lawyers Rosalie Wahl Leadership Lecture, where she warned attendees this bad news on gender equity was coming, and emphasized the need for women lawyers to support and mentor each other.

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