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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gray Plant on a witch hunt?

Minneapolis Star Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten has labeled the various investigations into the cause of the 35W bridge collapse a “witch hunt” and has now labeled the head witches: Gray Plant Mooty. The Minneapolis law firm has been hired by the Legislature to consult on the Legislature’s investigation of the bridge collapse. The firm’s team on the project is apparently headed by Robert Stein, so I guess that would make it a warlock hunt.

Kersten’s column on Jan. 21 attacks the firm’s impartiality in the investigation, noting that Gray Plan also lobbies for the I-35W Solutions Alliance, which is interested in the highway’s maintenance and expansion.

“How impartial are these guys?” the ever-impartial Kersten wonders.

I have called Gray Plant to ask them myself how impartial they are. I’ll report back when and if I hear anything.

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