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Monday, May 5, 2008

Swenson to be elected chief in Hennepin

A much-lauded jurist will be elected today as chief judge of Hennepin County District Court. Judge James Swenson, who has served the last two years as assistant chief, was scheduled to be elected today without opposition. Judge Denise Reilly will succeed him as assistant chief.

Swenson has served on the bench since 1995 and is up for election in the fall. Last year he received the Foundation for Improvement of Justice 2007 Paul H. Chapman Award for his work in Family Court by promoting early resolution of cases involving children and families through strategies such as Early Case Management and Early Neutral Evaluation programs.

He has also received the Minnesota District Judges Association’s Award for Outstanding Service to the Judiciary and the Anne V. Simonett Award as the 4th Judicial District Employee of the Year for his work in developing alternative dispute resolution techniques.

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