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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Prosecutors behaving badly -- Ohio edition

We had a blog item last week about a controversy in the Wisconsin Attorney General's Office, equating it -- at least a bit -- to the recent controversy in the Minnesota Attorney General's office (see "Turmoil in AG’s office, but not ours this time"). But then an astute reader called in and asked, what about Ohio?

Far be it for us to ignore the Buckeye state, where lawmakers and the governor are talking about initiating impeachment proceedings against the state's AG. Unlike Minnesota, that situation involves a sexual-harassment scandal. (For one thing, Ohio AG Marc Dann acknowledged having an extramarital affair with a staff member whom he has refused to identify.) However, Dann's management of the office is also significant factor. An investigation found an office rife with inappropriate staff-subordinate relationships, heavy drinking and harassing and threatening behavior by a supervisor, according to the AP.

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