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Friday, June 20, 2008

Dogs get their day

Will we see a spike in dog-bite cases filed next week? Today is, after all, “Take Your Dog to Work Day.”

OK, it’s unlikely that the annual canine celebration will end up being a boon for plaintiff or defense lawyers. At least I certainly hope that doesn’t happen! In fact, I absolutely love the idea of employees all over the country bringing their furry four-legged friends to spend the day with them at work. Unfortunately, I don’t think that a lot of people participate -- either because their employer won’t allow it, or it’s simply too much of a hassle. I know I didn’t see any dogs on my walk into the office this morning.

I also doubt that many, if any, downtown big-firm lawyers are taking part in the annual occasion -- but perhaps some solo or small-firm attorneys are participating? (I’d love to hear about your experience if you did bring your dog in -- how your co-workers and/or clients reacted, whether the dog behaved, whether you felt more productive?)

People do love their pooches and many would enjoy having them at work -- everyday if they could. The proof? According to a survey conducted by FunStuffForDogs.com, 44 percent of dog owners say they’d give up 10 percent of their salary if they could bring their dog to work. That’s a surprisingly high percentage, even to an animal lover like me.

One caveat to my enthusiasm about this celebratory day: As someone with several feline friends at home (please don’t ask how many), I feel a little let down that there’s no “Take Your Cat To Work Day” …

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